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National FUNBOTICS @Stanford!

About us!

Why are we here and how does that even matter?

National Funbotics @ Stanford seeks to extend the vision of Yale Funbotics by cultivating a passion for STEM fields among under-resourced student communities through innovative educational methods. Our objective is to serve as a catalyst for underrepresented students, motivating them to sustain their interest in pursuing STEM education and careers. Additionally, we strive to design each Funbotics project to serve the needs of other disadvantaged communities.

Our Projects...

We are committed to bringing STEM learning to the hands of every child...

Young Student 3D printing camps

Extending from the chapter of the Yale Funbotics initiative, we continue to provide a 3-day 3D printing camps across the USA for under-resourced school children aged between 10-15 years.

Robotics camps and robot building competitions

We design the curriculum in such a way that every child building these robots aren't merely following an instruction guide, rather, are actively learning by making mistakes along the way.

Capstone Project

This carefully crafted capstone project involves each child contributing their individual creations to be a part of a bigger entity in order to create a comprehensive solution that can help members of other under-privileged communities.

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.
- W.B.Yeats

What we do...

Virtue of Philanthropy

At National Funbotics @ Stanford, we take pride in our social outreach. We integrate 3-D printing workshops with a curriculum focused on solving challenges faced by disabled and underprivileged communities. This helps students understand the practical applications of STEM in society and derive a sense of satisfaction.

Curriculum Development

We're all about crafting an inclusive syllabus that's both super fun and welcoming to beginners. We don't stop at that - we bend over backwards to make sure our camps are open to all students aged between 10-15 years, regardless of their prior educational experience.

Robotics and more!

For our workshops, we plan to go beyond just 3-D printing or robotics. Our organization is constantly expanding and open to implementing any and all forms of STEM outreach, as long as it benefits our students and community. Do you have any ideas? Don't hesitate to reach out to us!